Welcome to HUG OF FIRE

A leading fashion brand that embodies the essence of style, elegance, and affordability

Established on May 3, 2019

HUG OF FIRE quickly became a prominent name in the vibrant fashion landscape of Bangladesh. Our inaugural branch situated in Mirpur-6, Dhaka, marked the inception of our journey toward redefining fashion standards in the region.

Pioneered under the umbrella of

” Tex Fashion Global “

A Renowned Ready-Made Garments Manufacturers & Exporter Since on September 12, 2011

HUG OF FIRE operates both online and through three physical outlets across different locations in Bangladesh. We take pride in offering an extensive range of fashion apparel items that blend quality craftsmanship with accessible pricing, catering to the diverse tastes of our valued customers.

At HUG OF FIRE, our primary mission

revolves around creating a positive impact on the fashion industry,

setting new benchmarks for excellence and innovation within Bangladesh’s garment sector. We aspire to shape a distinct and compelling image in the world of fashion, propelling the boundaries of creativity while maintaining a steadfast commitment to delivering superior quality garments.

Our dedication to providing exceptional clothing options

at competitive prices underscores our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction

We believe that fashion should be accessible to all without compromising on quality, and it’s this belief that drives us to consistently offer a range of apparel that reflects the latest trends while ensuring durability and comfort.

As we continue on our journey, HUG OF FIRE remains dedicated to staying

at the forefront of the fashion industry, establishing itself as a brand synonymous with trust,

innovation, and affordability. We invite you to explore our collections, discover your style, and join us in celebrating the spirit of fashion that transcends boundaries.

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